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Meet Job Descriptions

ANNOUNCER: Announces first, second and final calls for each event into the microphone. Works closely with the starter to keep the meet running smoothly. The announcer will need to somewhat anticipate flow based on the number of swimmers, the stroke, the number of meters, and the age group of each event. They are given heat sheets to follow. This is a seated position.

CLERK OF COURSE: Supervises the waiting area for the 10 and under age group during meets, marks arms of swimmers with event/heat/lane, distributes event cards for relays, and gets swimmers to the ready bench on time with caps and goggles. This position is obviously more important for the younger swimmers. They are the key to keeping a meet on schedule. Responsible for lining up the swimmers by event, heat and lane and getting them to the starting blocks in the correct order and on time. Assigned to work for one half of the meet. This job gives you the chance to see your swimmer immediately before his/her event. This position is not recommended for parents early in the season if they are new to swim team.

CONCESSIONS: Sells concessions. Distributes water to meet helpers during downtimes. First session helps set up; including getting items from fridge and other items from garage area, icing drinks, setting condiments in a shallow tub, ensuring the money box is ready, communicating with grillers what is needed, and second session tears down concessions; ensures everything is wiped down, items put in refrigerator, utensils cleaned and put away, everything returned to proper place in garage, coolers emptied and put away. Both keep a list and give to concessions coordinator what is needed.

Concession Coordinator: Oversees the grill and concession area including set up and tear down. Ensures they all have what they need money and food wise. Shops for the food and prepares taco meat and ice prior to the meet. Makes a price list sign to hang at table. Ensures there is change available prior to meet. Determines what leftovers will last for next meet. Refills any foods or drinks when necessary during and outside of the meet days. Turns in receipts for reimbursement. This person would be signed up for all home meets this season. And would count for all volunteering hours.

COMPUTER/DATA ENTRY: Responsible for entering data from time cards and verifying data entered. Assigned to work for one half of the meet. With this job, you see the race results before anyone else. Marks the official time for each swimmer, records the order of finishes and verifies the computer results. Assigned to work for one half of the meet. With this job, you see the race results before anyone else. This job is shared by two people. It helps to be comfortable with computers.

GRILL WORKER: Grills Hamburgers, cheeseburgers and hotdogs and readies them for concessions. Works in pairs: 1 grilling and the other ensuring the meat and cheese is available, ensuring what concessions needs more of and wrapping them in foil. First session will help get supplies from fridge into coolers and getting a water bottle ready for the flames and second session will wipe down grill, clean inside, return to its proper place and clean utensils.

HEAD TIMER: Organizes and briefs the Lane Timers on their duties prior to the meet and is in charge of the lane timers throughout the meet. Start 2 backup watches at the beginning of each race and trade with timers as needed. Help keep unnecessary people away from starting area. May be asked to train timers. The head timer must be ready to fill in at a lane in the event of an emergency or bathroom break. Also, the head timer should be ready to replace a lane timer’s stopwatch in the event of a missed start or discrepancy.

PIZZA COORDINATOR: Takes orders for pizza until 7:00 pm. Places order. Pays pizza delivery person. Verifies and monitors correct pizza pick up by ordering families.

PLACE JUDGE: Usually seated at the side of the pool with a good view of first, second, and third place swimmers. Judges will record the order that the swimmers finish the races and hand their place sheets to the meet runner after each event.

RIBBONS: Places labels on ribbons; sorts and files ribbons into swimmer file folder. Assigned to work for one half of the meet. This job keeps you sitting down and out of the sun but may require you to keep working for a short while after the meet is over.

RUNNER: Responsible for obtaining the completed event cards, time sheets, and DQ forms for each race from the timers and judges. The timing sheets can be picked up after every two full events have been completed. The cards and DQ forms are delivered to the scoring table in lane order. Runners benefit by having good tennis shoes that work well on slippery wet surfaces, but aren’t necessary. Assigned to work for one-half of the meet. This job keeps you moving around at the poolside and the time passes quickly. Be sure to put on plenty of deodorant because you will get a good workout!

STARTER: Starts each event with the announcement of the age and stroke and the words "SWIMMERS TAKE YOUR MARK", pauses to make sure that all swimmers are motionless, and then gives an electronic sound or a blast of a whistle. He/She shall be the sole judge of FALSE STARTS and all false starts shall be restarted. The time between "take your mark" and the horn/whistle should be consistent so that the swimmers aren't thrown off. This individual must be trained for this position. https://www.usaswimming.org/officials/how-to-becom...

STROKE JUDGE: Work in pairs on each side of the pool with one member of a pair being from each team. Judges only rule on infractions on their side of the pool. They observe strokes, turns, and finishes to see that swimmers comply with requirements for that stroke. Stroke judges may view videos to assist them in training. Training is required for this position. https://www.usaswimming.org/officials/how-to-becom...

Supply Monitor/Hospitality: check on the cleanliness of the restrooms every 30 minutes to ensure that the kids aren't leaving the bathrooms a mess. Make sure the toilets aren't being clogged with toilet paper. Pick up any trash off the floor. Wipe down the bathroom counters.The bathrooms need to be left in good order after each meet. Place/ or take down relay heat sheets at back fence. Pass out water to volunteers.

TIMERS: Records the swimmer’s time. Each timer is provided a stopwatch and assigned a lane; there is one timer for each lane (our timers will typically be assigned to the opposing side’s lanes). Timers must call on the head timer in the event of a missed start or malfunctioning stopwatch. Head timers may also fill in for an emergent restroom break. This job gives you the best view of the pool and the swimmers during their races.

SET UP: Sets up the pool area for the swim meet. Rearranges chairs for both home/away coaches, place judges; sets up starting blocks and bolts them down, places starter podium and tests starting horn, sets up event stand/event cards near starter, and sets up sign-in table/ lane chairs for bullpen. Ladders must be removed from pool and placed near the side fence. Pool flags should be placed at both ends of the pool. Swimmers can be recruited to put in lane lines. This position requires you to arrive at least an hour before showtime on home meet days.

TEAR DOWN: During the last few minutes of a meet the crew begins taking down and storing items in preparation for vacating the pool immediately after the meet.

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